Hey, guys. As promised here’s my Book MasterPost to celebrate 10,000 followers! This list started out SUUUUUPER long and was based off what I see you guys talking about the most and just some books I liked and added myself, but anyway… the list got cut short due to the fact I couldn’t find every book I wanted. But this is what I could collects. Get em while the links are hot. All Links are epub book downloads. Pick a book. Enjoy!
[Download this adobe software to read/keep all epub files together]


a b c

angelini, josephine x dreamless • angelini, josephine x goddess • angelini, josephine x starcrossed • asher, jay x thirteen reasons why • card, orson scott x ender’s game • cass, kiera x the elite • cass, kiera x the prince • cass, kiera x the selection • chbosky, stephen x the perks of a being a wallflower • collins, suzanne x catching fire • collins, suzanne x mockingjay • collins, suzanne x the hunger games • cronin, ali x skins the novel •

d e f

dashner, james x the death cure • dashner, james x the maze runner • dashner, james x the scorch trials • derting, kimberly x desires of dead • derting, kimberly x the pledge • ee, susan x angelfall • fitzpatrick, becca x crescendo • fitzpatrick, becca x finale • fitzpatrick, becca x silence • 

g - l

garcia, kami x beautiful chaos • garcia, kami x beautiful creatures • garcia, kami x beautiful darkness • garcia, kami x beautiful redemption • gier, kerstin x sapphire blue • golding, william x lord of the flies • green, john x looking for alaska • green, john x the fault in our stars • hand, cynthia x boundless • hand, cynthia x hallowed • hand, cynthia x unearthly • hinton, s. e. x the outsiders • hunter, c. c. x awake at dawn • hunter, c. c. x born at midnight • hunter, c. c. x chosen at nightfall • hunter, c. c. x taken at dusk • hunter, c. c. x whispers at moonrise •

m - z

martin, george r. r. x a song of ice and fire series (1-5) • mead, richelle x blood promise • mead, richelle x frostbite • mead, richelle x last sacrifice • mead, richelle x spirit bound • mead, richelle x the indigo spell • mead, richelle x vampire academy • orwell, george x 1984 • rowling, j. k. x harry potter and… [all 7 harry potter books] • sebold, alice x the lovely bones • sebold, alice x lucky • zusak, markus x the book thief •

If a you don’t see a book you want to read on here (which I’m sure there is, i can name a few dozen), or you just prefer not to download, here’s a few websites I use to just read books: [1][2][3][4, there’s an option to download here]

And of course, if you want to buy a book, I use Amazon and Barnes & Noble the most. I think you find just about any book on Amazon. Happy Reading.

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